Brazilian Hammock

Sleeping in Hammocks: A Fun and Unique Way to Relax

Whenever we think about relaxing, one of the things that come to mind is rest and sleeping. Sure, we all long to lie down and relax in the comforts of our bed after a long and tiring day from work and school. But there’s a sure fire way to better relaxation: sleeping in a hammock. I’m sure you imagined the beach when you read that. But hammocks are not exclusive for beach-goers. It’s time to burn those mattresses and pillows because you can enjoy the benefits and rock star features of a hammock even in the comforts of your own home.

What is a Hammock?

Remember those cartoons you watch when you were young? Those who show your favorite character relaxing under the shades of trees, lying down in a swing-like net bed? Yes, those are hammocks. Seems relaxing, right? Usually found in the beach, in the garden or in the background, hammocks are best enjoyed with nature. The swing features makes it more relaxing and comfortable. It’s actually one of the best places to read books or simply chill on a lazy afternoon.

What are the Different Types of Hammocks?

There are actually different types of hammocks. Some of which are Rope hammocks, Quilted Fabric hammocks, Mayan hammocks and Brazilian hammocks.

Rope hammocks are one of the most traditional types of hammocks. It is made of cotton and polyester and spreader bars are usually included for support and easier access. It is one of the more comfortable and durable types of hammocks.

Same with Rope hammocks, quilted hammocks also have spreader bars. The difference is that it has an additional padded fabric layers for additional comfort. These can also be reversible which comes with different patterns on each side. It can stand hanging between two trees or poles or with a stand.

Another type is the Mayan hammock. It is one of the most popular hammocks because of its unique and colorful patterns. Unlike the former types, it doesn’t come with a spreader bar.


Next is probably one if not the most popular kind, the Brazilian Hammock. Just like the Mayan hammock, Brazilian hammocks are colorful and have fringes which make it unique. It is a good choice for children because the hammock bed is sturdy and has holes in its weaves. It can also be used indoors and outdoors.

What are the Benefits of Hammocks?

It is said that sleeping in hammocks help people sleep faster. Aside from that, studies have shown that the gentle swinging motion of hammocks aids in improving the quality of sleep. It also has zero-pressure points, resulting to less tossing and turning, providing more comfort during sleep. It is advisable for people who love sleeping outdoors since setting up hammocks is easier than building tents. It also gives you less hassle in cleaning up dirt that you can get in tents and sleeping bags. And of course, it provides the best ventilation during sleep – no walls or barriers.

Indeed, hammocks guarantee the most comfortable way to for relaxation and sleep– whether you are at home or enjoying the wonders of nature. Truly, sleeping in hammocks can give you a stylish and relaxing way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Comfy Hammock Chair with stand.